Opengrade mod for full automatic blade control success

Hi all. I’ve been working on a code mod to Opengrade to let an arduino automatically control a hydraulic valve connected to the blade on a scraper. Before I put all the gear in the tractor and test today I made a quick video describing my setup. Thought some of you might be interested in this work. I’m using a 12v 30GPM valve from Trausch Dynamics. Everything you see on the video of the valve was about US$330. I setup this valve for fingertip switch control instead of cable lever control for a loader mounted firewood processor. I added another switch to the box for automatic control. Pressing that lets the arduino relay control the valve. I didn’t use the fancy bit writing method of talking to the arduino. Simple text commands are all it uses. It’s a pretty quick and dirty hack to some pretty nice code but it makes the lights blink and seems to get the job done. Here’s the youtube link.


It will be interesting to see how this works on the machine. Do you have it setup to move slower / faster based on distance from cut line? Do you have a github account that i can access it on.

I had it on the scraper today and it worked well. It could really use a dead zone around the target cut spot as it overshoots and would make a wavy cut. I slowed down the hydraulic flow and it smoothed it out considerably. I’d like to get the okay from Brian before I release the modded .exe and arduino sketch. Stay tuned.


any progress? interested in adding this too my scraper

I also built a valve control for Opengrade.
The arduino code is still very basic but works.

Do you have any documentation about how you did this?
I am also trying to learn how to set up control of a scraper blade for land leveling.

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Great video likes like a 4/3 DCV, good price

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Check out the grade control thread, there’s ready made code using both the AOG pcb and proportional valve and for CAN based control directly on the tractor valves.