Opengrade pcb board

Wanting to build an opengrade pcb board looking at what components i need

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It would be different for OpenGrade X,
but for OpenGrade and OpenGrade3D:

First you need a GPS receiver connected trough USB. With this you can use all feature but the automatic valve control.
The standard Ardusimple F9P is a good choice.

The valve control is connected trough a second USB port with an Arduino nano. For the PCB I recommend the Original V2 or the Kaupoi. Put a cytron, a little joystick and some indicators lights.

There is also an option to use the CaseIH/John Deere auxiliary valve but I don’t know much about it, more info here (grade control, post 426 and up)

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Thanks pat i have a pwm valve block on the scraper currently running a laser system,what joy stick could i use

I just use one of these cheap ones. Really any analogic 0-5v one works.

Thanks pat has anyone added a tilt sensor to a scraper to keep cross slope level,this is what i run now instaed of having to receivers