Openly available RTK correction signals in Europe

You can choose if you want the WiFi to do it for you, or you can use the built-in NTRIP in AgOpenGPS, both options are possible.

Note that at 48km distance the accuracy will be more in 10-15 centimeter accuracy.

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From what I see on the web the ublox F9P receiver works indeed with RTCM but with RTCM corrections, which we don’t provide!

What we provide is the GNSS raw data not the corrections. The RTCM is just a format to transport the information, either the GNSS raw data or the corrections.

For the RTK RTCM corrections we advise you to contact a local or national service provider.

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The GNSS Team

You can see from the map that which RTCM messages each base sends. Not all bases send the same things. It would help to know with whom did you have that email correspondence?

Here is the link to the map again:

And screenshot from the base data you wanted to connect to:

The base is sending:

RTCM 3.2 messages: 1006, 1008, 1013, 1033, 1045, 1075, 1085, 1095, 1125


It is absurd that such public services really have o idea what they are actually broadcasting :flushed:

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SOFI00BGR0 should be fine:

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One correspondence was with, and the other was with ardusimple.

Whether the distance of 48 km is a problem of accuracy, as they said from Ardusimple?

48 km is not a problem for autosteer if +/- 5 cm deviations are acceptable over +/- 2 cm that could be obtained from a more nearby base.

Try with BKG or the Italian service provider if they also have your stream, not just the Belgian.

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So for 1-2cm I will need closer base?

Yes. The estimated extra error based on distance from base is about 1 cm per 10 km. But that does not mean you will wonder that much on a line in normal operation. Tyres alone or some side draft makes easily 2 cm error already.

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So I read thru the post and got same questions about EUREF network. Since one of the bases is near me, about 30km (since September 2023) or even less, which crates intrest of using it. Is the EUREF reliable? How do I use it with AgOpenGps?, just need to insert these specified info into N-trip client? Is it free of charge?

You need an account but it is free. I’m not sure if they accept continuous use, thought it would be too much for their servers if all farmers had their rovers receiving their data. I have only used their correction signal to have my base station positions surveyed accurately. Their signal quality is pretty much the best available anywhere.