Openly available RTK in Ireland?

hello im only new to this idea of AOG i am just trying to get my head around it all to figure out what i need or if it will work for me. One question iv come to is to do with how im going to get the RTK signal i live on east coast of Ireland. the ground i farm is fragmented a good bit, some is 20 mile(32 KM) away, i dont know if there is a service like i see for some other county’s in Europe with free rtk signal or if i went down the road of making a base station would this be enough for me or would i struggle with accurcy on ground far away.

if anyone can point me in the right direction be great, thanks very much

click the link
NTRIP Caster Table (
then press view all

thanks very much
i checked the map there is two that are down the country is there some way of knowing if these are close enough to me for to work for me

If you click on the caster map link it should show you where the caster is located. Then you can measure the distance from that place to your farm in some other map platform for example google earth. Someone said accuracy should be 1cm + 1mm per km distance from base station.

checked the distance to the closest base station it come to 85 km would that be to far away or what do think ?

It would work to start off
You could do your own base for about £300

great thanks for the help appraite it im now trying to work out what board to get