Orchard Autosteer

Hi, First post, long time looker. I’m looking to add GPS RTK autosteer to my orchard tractors. I don’t need any auto-generated A-B lines. I would like to generate a path by driving each orchard from one end to the other, up and down each row, and save it so then at this stage I can sit an unskilled operator in the tractor as an emergency brake while the tractor mows or sprays. My orchards are hail netted so the headlands are quite tight. I would eventually like to progress to fully autonomous. I’ve seen commercial systems that do this but the price is a bit scary when you want to do multiple installations. So I’m wondering if AgOpenGPS is for me or should I keep saving for a commercial system?

Just do a recorded path, then you wouldn’t even need an unskilled operator.

Wow, question answered within 10hrs from the other side of the world, by the guy who started it all in the first place!
Thank you. I guess I’ll start ordering parts.

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Give it a try on the simulator, and see if it will fill the need.

Sorry it took so long :slight_smile:

Hi , see yours messages … very interisting . i tested in simulator mode the recorded path option … good in first replay … very good , but if i close the field , and return tomorow , i dont no the fonction at use for return the old path recorded …
Thanks for your help

Once you open the field again, turn on Recorded Path so the little menu comes up, hit play. You can do it as many times as you want and always saves the last recorded path you made.


Hum ! ok , i test and return the résult . Thanks for your answer . ( and your work ) . The utility its for a rover in stude…

No i confirm , when quit field in 5.2.1 , and open the field the path is deleted . obligation to make a new path for work … the good solution is same that curves or right lines , a list of path for the field …

Well that makes no sense. Are you sure you are making a path? Recording and hitting stop? is the yellow line on the screen?

If it is, when you open the field again, it has to be there until you delete it.

Here is a tutorial

Hi, thanks Brian’s, I think undurstand the problem… For end of work in field I use the cruz botton. I think that the cruz button is for cancel and in reality is for delete path. Tomorrow, I test… Thank you very much…

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Should it maybe be a trash can?

Hi Brian ! Veri good ! I confirm: I will annoy you a little by being a little critical! May s: constructive!
Indeed, the paths are great. it’s the AB lines of the future! but it will lack a management identical to the curves or straight lines … to be able to create as many as one wants for each plot and to be able to find them by returning to the work. That’s it, I clicked on the cross or even on the square and it erased my path … Thank you again and always for your vision on the future AG …

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I’ve fooled around in the simulator as suggested and I definitely think I should have a go at building the real deal.
I do have a couple of questions though.

  1. The steering slider at the bottom of the simulator max’s out at 40deg, my tractors go to 78deg, in real life will AgOpen be able to use the full 78deg?

  2. If I fit a WAS to my tractor on the steering arm as seems to be normal, will I be able make adjustments in AgOpen to account for the additional angle introduced by the Supersteer articulation? For every degree of steering arm movement there is approx. half a degree of articulation. So I get about 50 deg of steering arm angle plus approx. 25 deg articulation, the relationship appears linear.

  3. It appears that my application is different to most, should I post further questions under this heading so others trying the same thing can find it, or should I try to post under existing topics?

Thank you for all of the work on here, it already looks like a lifetime achievement. Don’t know when you find the time to farm. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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New Holland Supersteer will be no problem at all, just need good GPS signal will it be ok when your in the orchard?

Hedge row modern orchards with no trees overhanging tractor so I’m hoping it will be O.K.
Any way to definitively test?

@MTZ8302 manages vineyards, he should be able to answer some of those questions.

As far as steer angle, there isn’t really a limit on steer angle, but the sharper the turn, the trickier the setup will be, and slowing down will be important.

AOG is quite versatile

AOG counts from 0 deg straight ahead to let’s say 40 degree left and right. Can be adjusted In program with counts pr degree.
The important thing is to mount the WAS sensor (length of arms) so the full range of sensor is used( 0,5 to 4,5 V for most hall sensors ) , no matter if it is a 60 or a 90 degree sensor you get. 90 degree means 45 each way.

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I have used it on our new Holland with super steer. Didn’t seem to cause any problems.