Oscillation in the combine

DOG2 mounted above rear steer axle
Triple checked WAS output
Ardusimple rtk2b rover without the base 10Hz

  • GGA
  • Heading fix to fix of 1 m
  • Correction and roll from auto steer
    Outback bang bang valve (tested with rebel, works good).

Driving down the grid it’ll keep a straight line within 0.5% error. Can’t get it to pick up or follow a line. If I start it out on the right heading it goes for a while then starts to overcompensate. Followed the video for setting the valves, valve isn’t over working, steering angle is within ~30 points corrected. Tried messing with wheel base length like we used to with swathers to no avail. Low margin of error actual vs plotted angle, just doesn’t seem to be looking ahead properly.

Everything looks stable in u-center. Alarm RTK?, guessing that’s due to the base not broadcasting.

Is there something I’m missing? If the DOG2 wasn’t functioning properly would it cause steering issues?

If you’re getting alarm rtk then you don’t have an rtk fix. On the f9p that means your resolution will be about 5 meters. Could easy be one of the main problems.


Same thing with a good RTK fix, it’ll go relatively straight in Pure Pursuit. I’ll have to get the other setup going in my 4wd to see if it’s just an issue with working with the outback valves

Disable the dog2 to get it set in. Or for sure zero it out on level ground.

How do I go about adjusting the dog2? I have two others here as well, when I bench tested it read roll fine. Guess heading would have to be selected from other than board, not running anything other than it

Hit gear button then data sources. In roll you can zero out roll. Your heading should be set at none unless you have some other type of heading source.

For whatever reason I thought the dog2 did heading as well, not only roll.

Would you tell us where the antenna is mounted and how far away is it from pivot axle?

You have no bno, but you may give the following a try: Disable bno in module configuration so the autosteer board sends 9999. But enable it in data sources (bno source: autosteer board). This also smoothes the heading from fix to fix without bno.

Are you using PureP or Stanley. What are your settings?

Antenna is centered based on the feeder house as the cab on the 1688 is offset, dog2 is centered above the rear steer axle and should be more or less in line with the antenna. Antenna is at the front of the cab, 73” from drive axle. The wheel base is 140”, header is 140” from front wheel center. I’ll have to look at my PP setting when I am at home this afternoon, I might throw a BNO in there to see if it makes a difference as well.

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Looks like I need to buy another BNO, Stanley and PP are decent now. Surprisingly good performance from the bang bang now that it’s all set up properly.