Outback GPS and Precision 2020 Connection Questions

Hi All,

We will have an Outback GPS system this year, and are wondering if it is possible to connect the Outback GPS to AOG. Should we just be able to plug their GPS into our laptop running AOG and AOG will be able to read the signal once we tell it which port to read?

Additionally, we have a Precision 2020 tablet to run our corn planter, and we would like to be able to send an NMEA signal both to the laptop running AOG as well as the Precision tablet at the same time. Does AOG allow for any kind of port forwarding or some way to both use the NMEA signal via a USB port while also outputting that signal to say a DB9-pin serial port? Or can that be achieved outside on the laptop directly without going through AOG?

Apologies if I have overlooked others discussing this, I couldn’t find many related topics after searching the site.

Thank You

Is your Precision 20/20 tablet anything different then the usual iPad connected via usb directly to the 20/20?

Nope, you are correct, standard 2020 setup.

So I have no idea what connections & settings you need on the Outback side but you’ll want to send the nmea to your 20/20 and to the AOG laptop. Then you iPad communicates directly with the 20/20 via usb.