Overlap when round ab line

someone I have been helping on getting there system going found something you could call a bug. Or like a lot of it guys would say it a feature.

When you make a ab line in the form of an ‘s’ or a ‘u’ it does create a lot of overlap.
With the u one you will even completly drive over the neighbouring lines.

This is because at this moment it just shifts te line a litle to the left or to the right. But when the line at some point makes a 90degree turn it will just end up in the same location.

This will result in a lot of overlap in some fields with curving ab lines that could be solved by doing a point to point translation instead of moving the line as a whole.

If this doesn’t belong here you can tell me.
If you want some more information please ask.

Kind regards and thanks for making an alreade awsome program.

This has been discussed some time ago. Not a simple thing to be fixed but I understand there is some activity on-going.

in V4.3.10 curve line are only translated.
There is the V4.4 “Daniel Unstable” with a real good AB curve feature.
It’s all discussed here:


Oke thanks