Panasonic fz-g1 specs

Hello, what should be the minimum specs of the panasonic fz-g1 tablet to run AgOpenGps smoothly, because from what I see, there are different versions.

AOG isn’t the problem, the operating system is what contains all the bloat. AOG is fairly light. My CF-D1’s which are much slower run AOG fine once all the bloat of windows is dealt with.

Both my FZ-G1’s fly in comparison. I’ll check my FZ-G1’s spec.

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Ideally, 1920x1080 and 4gb ram minimum. You can use 1366x768 but better options with full HD screen

The spec of my FZ-G1’s.
They are very quick to use. Well on top of AOG.

i5 4gb is plenty. I haven’t come across and specced differently to that