Panasonic fz-g1

So got my panasonic tough book a few weeks ago, didnt realize this one does not have a lan port, should i just sell it and get one with one or use a lan to usb or lan to hdmi adapter?

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! C$18.11 30% Off | Baseus USB C to Ethernet Adapter Aluminum Gigabit USB C Adapter for Laptop MacBook Pro 1000/100Mbps USB Lan RJ45 Network Card

Usb to ethernet adaptor, many types

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I would also suggest just getting an adapter. My fz-g1 is the same way and I have been using this one from amazon without any issues yet.

Cable Matters USB to 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch for Network Sharing with TV, Laptop, Gaming Console (USB Ethernet Splitter, USB Network Switch, USB to Ethernet Adapter, USB Gigabit Switch)

Plus if you ever decide to get a Havis dock for it for mounting/charging in the tractor, you will gain an lan port plus a couple more usb.

Of the various USB to ethernet adapters I’ve used I had one that DIDN’T work. Usb hub and RF45 combo, with the issue being it disconnected after a period of time regardless of network activity or power supply. Aggravating because the only way to reconnect was to restart. Fiddled with all sorts of settings and gave up on it. Silver ones that look the same seems to be working fine.

In my tractor I have Tablet usb-c to ethernet +usb hub adapter, and a usb powered switch drawing off the hub. I can have an already charged phone plugged into the hub, but a half discharged phone pulls too much and upsets everything. The cheap and reliable so far switch from here. The usb to ethernet adapter with usb hub that actually work don’t seem to be available from where I bought them.

I have this one on my fz-g1

have you thought about how the tablet will be mounted, because the tablet docking station has a lan port

And here’s the screw-on holder for the LAN adapter.
Lan-usb (19,9 Kt)

Depending where the USB cable exits, you might find one of these useful too: : right angle usb

For FZ-G1, the one on the left should be selected.