Panassonic CF-H2 tablet

Hello every body

I am new on the thread, I am french and I leave close to Nantes. I have already buy some electronic cards and others things to start AOG adventure !

The last thing which is not bougth yet is the tablet. After some research on agopengps, I saw lot of people use the CF D1. But I have oppotunity to buy a CF-H2 tablet which seems a bit more powerfull, but the screen is smalllest 10,1’’ on the CF-H2 (13’’ on the CF-D1).

My answers is, is there somoene who use the CF-H2 with AOG or a 10’’ tablet ? I want to know if 10’’ is enough or not at all.



What is the resolution? You want 1920x1080 minimum. I used a Dell Venue 11 Pro (10.8" FHD) and that works well. I think a 9" might start to get a little small but 10" probably still works.

Hello, thank you for your answer.

The display resolution seems to be 1024x780.

So it’s not enough?