PANDA build version?

Starting PANDA build this winter should I be using the Version 5.6.2 release package or the latest 5.6.15 pre release ? Also is there a BOM included in the support files ?

Last is 5.6.15, you are using 5.6.2 (5.6.02 yes, it’s a bit confusing)

Panda PCB (927 Bytes)

Both versions runs with PANDA, only use the ino for that version, i dont remember if that ino have any changes

OK thank you will use latest version

just noticed that in this BOM list there are 10nF capacitors while in the schematics there are 100nF capacitors indicated. which one is correct?

They are actually same size. 0.1 uf and 100 nf
Divide nano with 1000, and you have micro:slight_smile:
Edit: sorry for not checking that specific bom list, before answering.

yes, but the BOM says 10nF not 100nF… both sizes in nano. I used some 100nF that I had left over from the PCB V2 and my PANDA board works on the desk.