PANDA Latest?

A member here has kindly sent me a couple of surplus boards to play with, a Kaupoi and PANDA (thanks @andyinv )

I’m struggling to find a couple of components, but while I do so, may I ask what the latest news is with PANDA. Are people seeing reliable improvements over (say) the standard PCBv2 USB setup with the IMU (BNO085) stuck to the top of resistors on the PCB and the RTK2B board plugged in separately?

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What components are you looking for, I might have some here?

I was using panda at my last field seeding, but it was not as good as standard PCB V2 with BNO085. I must say, that my Panda setup (Teensy + IMU + C099 F9P was located in the roof box) - May be that has an influence. My standard Box (PCB V2 + IMU) is located on floor of the cabin and works better then my Panda Setup.

It looks like all of the components are out of stock with LCSC which is a bit worrying.

Can’t find the right Ethernet connector, I have one that came with the Teensy and it mainly fits aside from the top four pins which are offset on my one. I may be able to modify these.

Also struggling to find the power barrel connector.

I should have the right resistors and capacitors, need to check, was just hoping to be able to find them online.

I obviously do have the RTK board, BNO085 and Teensy.

That’s interesting, I have heard that there have been issues.

I’ll give it a try anyway and report back with what I find.


These ?

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