? Panda + Machine?

This is WAY above my paygrade!

With all the pins available after the GPS and IMU are connected on the teensy could the machine control be added? It’d get rid of 1 Nano and 1 UDP connection.

My feelings won’t be hurt if you say bad idea!!

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That is the new Panda board

So building V2 machine and then making just the gps + teensy. This work this is what I did because my V2’s are barely a year old. This works fine.


Build the PANDA board no V2 board needed. PANDA, Machine and GPS are on the same board.

Soon to be an option….

Any GPS on UdP, teensy 4.1 as PANDA and Machine or still use V2 as machine.

UDP makes this possible, flexibility and backwards capability, and future mod friendly.

So the answer is no matter what stock form AOG you have built, your hardware will work. But custom builds are still custom.

Is this new? Thought PANDA, was just IMU, GPS, and Teensy?

Yes its new,

Things move very fast, you can build PANDA in new board form, or add it to V2 in upgrade form.
Sure a few are already planning yet more upgrades.

Any links to the board files? Or just replaced tge support doc ones?