Panda: will this work without PCB?

PANDA diagram

If I just slap these modules together as per this diagram, without the PCB and ancillary components like the network/USB connectors on that PCB, will I be able to push the INO file on to the teensy and use this as a USB connected GPS/IMU? I have BNO085 and CMPS modules around, as far as I can see the BNO is the preferred module.

The firmware I think I would use is AgOpenGPS/Support/Basic Panda GPS/Firmware/Autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5 at master · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS · GitHub and it would be compatible with the 5.5 version of AOG, correct?

Yes you can just wire them together, pcb’s just organize complex wiring in a nice structural package.

Though your boards may need to be linked with resistors depending how the i2c is set up.

Sounds good. Now I just need to figure out why my modules won’t let me update the firmware. They seem to be communicating with the f9p since it shows satellites and the correct position, but I get a “terminated unexpectedly, error 3221225781” error when I try to update either of the modules I just got.

Using this guide: F9P firmware update and config files

Try a higher baud rate to the f9p 115200

I’m fairly convinced it’s because it’s already at 1.13 but you’d figure it would give a better error message than that.

I uploaded Aortners Rover config to it and it seems to work well enough to mostly stay in RTK Fix. Going to try using the other one as the base and see if that gets rid of all flapping, then move into the PANDA setup.

I had that recently at a friends - see the command u-center shows you in the update window? Run that from an elevated command prompt instead and it’ll give a proper error. It’ll tell you the support file FTD2XX.dll that’s missing. Think I found that in his windows dir, but can’t remember for sure. When you find it, copy it to the same folder as u-blox, eg “C:\Program Files (x86)\u-blox\u-center_v22.02”