Panel Connectors

Looking for a good source for panel mount connectors to spec for mounting in the box to connect to the outside world. Also the mating plug as well. Have seen some nice designs, but am not aware of which ones. Signal and power style.

If you have used some nice connectors, and like them, can you post what you used? Any you strongly recommend?

Not sure if this helps at all, but here’s what I’ve used.

SP2110 7pin (blue cap) for signal wires.
SP13 4pin (black cap) for WAS wires.
SUPERSEAL 1.5 Series(Not panel connectors), 2 and 4pins for power and valve wires.

JST XH2.54 on PCB for signal wires.
KF301 on PCB for power wires.

Mostly I have bought them from Aliexpress.

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The SP2110, are they “DIN” style?

Think its better to use JST or screw terminal style? Or just solder the wire to the board (eek for repair)

Din? I don’t think so.

I like JST XH connectors more. Easy to plug in and out and wires can be bought premade.

JST VH3.96 could be a good option for power wires. 2pins, 1: +12v and 2: GND.

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This is a connector that matches the one from Raven. It can be used to connect to existing NH3 cable. I already have a Raven NH3 system on my cultivator. This connector will allow me to use the Raven cables. I guess this is more for the rate controller PCB.

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It’s nice they are solder lug as opposed to crimp pins. Incredible value! Weipu, that’s the name i needed.

Think they are worthy to spec for the build?

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They have worked fine for me so I dont see why not.

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I also use SP21 series connectors (solder lug) for my box (don’t have pictures of my box with me now):

  • SP2110 / S 4 I + SP2113 / P for power supply
  • SP2110 / S 5B II + SP2113 / P 5B for motor + steer sensor
  • SP2110 / S 7 II + SP2113 / P 7 1 for WAS + work switch (7 pins because 6 pins wasn’t available when I order them).

Don’t have any experience on field to confirm if they are realy confrom to their spec.


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DSC05769 Uploading: DSC05777.JPG… Uploading: DSC05778.JPG… Uploading: DSC05779.JPG… Uploading: DSC05781.JPG… This is how ive been wiring my swiftnav boxes


I have been using Deutsch connectors. They are easy to work with and easy to re-pin for configuration changes. They are also used by the trimble stuff and a number of our other equipment so I already stock some. Downside is you would need a terminal crimper if you don’t already have one.

DTM04-12PA-L012 socket and DTM06-12SA plug for control circuits, DT04-6P-CL06 socket and DT06-6S-CE02 plug for power circuits.

Google Photos

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This is a good crimper for DT connector at a low price.

I’m not overly proud of my connectors but I can provide 3D printer files gcode for building your own endcaps. I have a Sparkfun Beefcake relay under the yellow endcap. I use the relay to power my steering motor which is a slightly modified AgLeader OnTrac2 unit - which is 12V and works great.AOGendcap1