Part Number VX7805-1000 out of stock everywhere

Looking for VX7805-1000 for a PCB build… can’t find any online. Need 2 units. Anyone happen to have some?

I use these

All it is a linear 5v voltage regulator, right? has quite a few linear regulators for sale from china. Must be dozens of equivalent parts. a 5V DC DC converter bodged in with wires would work. I’ve even used some switching regulators for projects that had the same pinout as a linear regulator.

Thanks. Found an alternative. First build so wanted to stick 100pct to the parts list. its all foreign to me.

The vx type is not linear, but linear does work and maybe need a cooler finn.

Brian T choose the vx because it is more efficient.
If you can’t find the exact part, ask Google this: vx 7805 alternative, just check if same spec.
It wouldn’t matter if you take a 1500mA type, but don’t take a 500mA one.

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what do you think of this alternative as7805a?

The datasheet say linear, but it is 1000 mA, and have correct pinout. Be aware some types have shifted pinout.
I think all TO-220-3 package types are linear.
Switching type are in square box, or open so you can see the coil.

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Yeah I wouldn’t use a linear regulator here, you’re right. I was mistaken about the linear part because both mouser and digikey in their description call this a linear regulator, but the data sheet says switching. Always read the data sheet.

Anyway yes there are dozens of alternate switching DC DC regulators out there. Worst case you can attach it with short wires if you can’t find the exact right package format. I’ve often used this one in my projects, although it is quite expensive:

The L7805 from STMicroelectronics works perfectly and cost much less than VX7805, see

On this other link from Mouser, 20K pcs can ship tomorrow:

there are some switching regulator in stock at Digikey

They say “linear regulator replacement”, why? I really don’t know.

It can replace a linear regulator, and do the job more efficient, creating less heat. Probably why they cost more, also because they contain more components.
Downside is that some have output ripple and high frequency noise.
I use L 7805 linear. But I tried powering the f9p trough one of them and it got too hot, so I now use other power source for f9p.

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LM7805 is teensy4.1 powered, gets very hot, even with a heatsink. F9P heats up a little less. The current did not measure. But for now I’ve installed these. There is a place, because I use one receiver F9P

At Digikey there are still 16 of this VX7805 - 1000R, apparently it only has the terminals bent

Thats what I ended up getting. Specs matched didnt see till after I posted.

Linear or Linear like replacement is only needed for WAS to have stable signal, for other things switching is more efficient and cheaper.

But that require redesign of pcbs. Or connecting WAS directly to linear converter while PCB have switching converters. As someone mentioned you can solder wire to converter slot and use any DC-DC converter regardless of package size.

On the boards there are 2 converters, one is only for the WAS so you could mount 2 types

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Both in PCB v2 and in Kaupoi MOD the regulators indicated are the VX7805 that operate by switching, I assembled my PCB and looked at the data sheet on the Digikey website (not the component datasheet) and it said that the VX7805 was linear, I used 2 LM7805 linear, but the one that feeds the arduino heats up a lot and I intend to use a sealed box for the PCB, so I will have problems, I will check the consumption of the WAS, but what supplies power to the PCB I will replace with a regulator by switching. For now my system is in assembly and on the table

I will order these regulators, it has the same switching frequency as the VX7805

in USB mode i have no complains with LM7805

but last time i add the ethernet shield and it warm a lot and USB will be disconnected with small over load

i remove the ethernet shield and it will be ok for the temperature …

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F9P and nano powered from usb removes big power draws leaving just WAS, led and 5v+ out from converters. As is 5v not 4.x from usb