Parts for the tractor roof

Am I right in thinking that the only two parts that need to be placed on the roof of the tractor are the Antenna and the BNO 055 ? Can the antenna be placed on top of a plastic box which houses the BNO or is this too close?
Also, the antenna cable will be the one that comes with it, but is it ok to use CAT 5, for example, to connect the BNO to the board in the cab?
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You should put the BNO inside the gps case, as suggested in esp32 setup, but be sure that the cable connecting BNO to arduino has to be no longer than 50cm

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There has been some vastly differing info on BNO mounting. From well away from anything metal on the roof, to down by the tractor seat!! I am (very slowly!!) constructing my permanent setup at the moment. My first position for the BNO is going to be in the cab mounted case with the electronics. It may not work but my test setup had it on the stripboard with everything else and it’s output was rock steady.

Best way is directly into the computer usb with the bno heading by using the brick. BNO on the autosteer board adds another fix cycle to getting the heading into AOG since the Arduino has to read it then send it off to AOG port after it receives a frame from AOG.

Thank you very much for the replies - I think I will buy a brick. On the same subject; the brick will go in a waterproof box on the cab roof I guess? Can the antenna mount on top of the same box, or does it need to be away from the brick a distance?

Also, is there a minimum distance I should have these mounted in front of the pivot.? This is going on a JCB Fastrac, and so it is relatively easy to get about 1.5 to 2 metres from the back axle, by placing at the front of the cab roof.

Sorry for one more thing please, is there a maximum length of USB cable that can be used from the Brick back to the computer?

Thank you for help in advance, once again!

I think the cable i use is 6 ft. I put it in a separate box - is an electrical wiring water proof box with a sealed lid - and mounted it in the middle of the cab right above the center of the differential. Yes, right in the dead center of the pivot. Putting the Brick on the roof I find makes it quite useable.

What you want from the brick is angular velocity of the tractor so if its mounted more to the front of the cab away from the pivot you get a lot of extra motion (sideways) when turning. That negatively affects the gyros and accelrometers

This brick that you are referring to is the tilt roll sensor? If I understand correctly why it would go to laptop, it takes the roll/tilt and adds it to the rtk GPS signal coming into AOG and corrects the location in AOG? Where would you place this on a 4wd, center of machine directly above pivot? What kind of tilt roll sensor are you using? I guess I am asking what part I am looking to buy.

TinkerForge IMU Brick 2.0
is the one I’m using and the one I think Brian is referring to.

This brick does heading tilt and roll so don’t need an mma on the main board or still need the mma8452?

Thanks, sounds like the one Brian has because USB goes into computer from it

You still need the mma, the brick is teerible at roll

The USB standard says 5m max.

The tinkerforge imu brick 2.0, is it doing the heading so no need for a wheel angle sensor in a 4wd or still need a wheel angle so AOG knows what tractor is up to. If need a wheel angle sensor on 4wd what are people using

We still need Wheel angle sensor (WAS).
Good reading:

For the GPS, looks like most are using the ZED-F9P. Is it possible to put it right on the PCB2 or are people buying a ublox application board? If you are buying an application board does it sit on top of PCB2 or in a seperate box, with antenna to roof. My question is that if the Ntrip client is in AOG I don’t need WiFi or Bluetooth on the GPS as it should hook to the laptop via USB. Second ? is, does the gos need to be hooked to Arduino or does all the gps info only need to go to AOG and the laptop

You are right. Wifi and bluetooth are not needed. There is no provision for a F9P directly mounted on the PCB. F9P development boards connect to the computer via USB and can be anywhere. No need to be on the roof. Antenna is remotely mounted on the roof or bonnet. The antenna from Ardusimple came with a very long cable connected. Extremely easy to connect it all up.



I use this subject to ask you a question about BNO 055/ IMU Brick .
For you, what is the best component to place on the tractor roof ? I think IMU Brick is better beceause we can use an usb cable and have more wire length as the BNO ?
There is difference between BNO 055 and IMU Brick about the cap accuracy ? Beceause the price is really different.

Thanks a lot !

If you want good heading, without any start up issues, magnetic field problems and so on… USE the brick :grin::grin:
It saves you a lot of headache

With alot of tractors having fiberglass roofs, could I mount the brick on the underside of the roof to prevent if from being exposed to elements? Could it possibly be up side down or would that matter?

It doesn’t matter for heading, so the answer is yes, you can.