Pass corrected data through to 3rd party software?

Is it possible to share corrected position data with 3rd parrty software such as ucenter & QGIS over the network?

Currently I’m using an all-in-one board with a Teensy / UDP and I haven’t been successful making a connection in ucenter via a network port.

What do you mean corrected position?

Final rover position that factors RTK corrections (when available) and roll.

Basically I want to be able to use 3rd party software either instead or beside running AgOpenGPS.

Being the F9P is mounted to the all-in-one board, it’d be nice to leave it all connected and still be able to use the F9P as if it were connected via USB.

The AIO board firmware does output PANDA or PAOGI messages to the Teensy USB port. Which one depends on if the board has dual F9P’s or not. I believe this behavior is by default.

Roll is corrected in AOG so standalone the AIO can’t output roll corrected position and ntrip corrections also come from AgIO. If you use radio for corrections then your F9P can still have RTK without the tablet connected but as chri5k mentioned the AIO outputs a single custom sentence (PANDA or PAOGI) combining GGA, VTG & roll (BNO or Dual) data. Ucenter can connect via network but you’d have to customize the AIO firmware with a matching TCP or UDP connection for GGA & VTG.

Thank you all! Just making sure I wasn’t missing some obvious settings or something.