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Hello, I would like to assemble a PCB, so far I ordered a PCB from Support Files /…/ AutoSteerPCBv4_Original. Unfortunately, however, some components are not possible to order. Does anyone have any replacements, I mean MMA8452Q and XW-12-24-240W. Nowhere can I find a way to connect Ardusimple simpleRTK2B to a PCB. And one more question, are the parts that are given in the file enough to assemble the board or is there something unnecessary?
PartsList.xlsx (14,5 KB)

you’re using a fairly old BOM.
we no longer use MMA8452Q, as soon as you manage to get bno080 or CMPS14, you use these solutions or with dual GPS.

as for the XW-12-24-240W, if you have a 12V motor, the purchase is pointless.

follow the link, download and see the current positions AgOpenGPS now has.


My friend, In these files what you sent also MMA8452Q is mentioned, is it because I chose PCB v2 instead of Kaupoi 4.1?

As I wrote.
In ancient times, when kings were asleep and behind seven hills and seven forests, we used bno055 and mma8452Q.

Nowadays, we use dual gps, i.e. 2x f9p or 1xf9p and bno085 / 085 / cmps14.

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So I threw $ 20 in the trash can and it would be best to order Koupoi?

No need PCB_v2 is good, if you have all parts just solder them to PCB and you will have autosteer without IMU (can work good if you got flat fields).

If you get BNO08x/CMPS14 you can connect it with dupoint lines to IMU slot or make separate nano module, with panda IMU is moved to separate module so IMU on original PCBs will be obsolete anyway if you go with panda.

If teensy PCBs are ready it is better to go for teensy PCB for new build, and also check if you can get IMU if not then see dual antenna PCB.

Because you dont,(for PCBv2) you connect it directly to tablet/usb hub.

I haven’t bought a rare part yet, I just ordered a PCB. If there is a big difference between PCB v2 and Kaupoi then I can order the latter, it’s only $ 20. My fields are equal, up to 2m slopes.

I don’t know if I understood correctly, but if I mount a nano board and connect a CMPS14 to it, there is a chance that the IMU will work, or is there no such option because of the PCB used?

You can connect IMU to PCB_v2 or Kaupoi 4.1 (main adventage of kaupoi 4.1 is IMU slot for CMPS14/BNO08x and smaller size other then that they are same for standard build).

There is option that is preferred with CMPS14, connect it to separate nano then you can mount it away from interference independent of PCB location.

Something like this could work, but instead of this one plate, I would use NANO (because the one in the image is hard to find) and I would connect it with a tablet.

If you connect IMU to separate nano then you can assemble PCB_v2 there is no difference.

Teensy 4.x is hard to find but its better. If you find teensy 4.x you can connect GPS/IMU/teensy and get PANDA.

I think I found teensy AliExpress. In the case of teensy, I know how to connect GPS, but if I use Nano which pins should I connect to. I have one more question, do I also have to mount Nano to the PCB? Then I would have to buy two.

See previous post for nano CMPS14 connection, you can also find wiring diagrams in support folder.

One nano on PCB other with IMU.

But do I need to solder the F9P to the Nano you sent? I understand that what you sent must be done separately, preferably in a different box and connected to the tablet, but I don’t know how to connect the F9P to it.

Connect F9P directly to tablet, you dont connect to PCBv2.

Ok, F9P for the tablet, I mount one NANO on the PCB, and the other Nano with CMPS14 I connect together and mount in another box, and for the IMU communication with the PCB I will use PCA9615 which I will mount in the place where MMA8452Q should be. Will it work?

You dont connect IMU with PCB, its independent module this way.

If you go USB you will have 3 connections with tablet.

  1. PCB
  2. IMU Module
  3. F9P
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If you buy a Teensy 4.1 you can wait a couple more days and order a pcb already assembled.

Can be used with one or two f9p’s and has exerything on the board you need. They can be ordered from jlc with all the components assembled just like in the pictures


Ok, now I know everything, I sit down to order parts. Thank you very much for your help.

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