PCB Connections

Connections on PCB for Switches.

Could anyone clarify the pinouts for Work (Coverage Logging) and Steer Engage would be please image

Connect the switch between 0 and COM.

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Refer to the AutoSteerShematic PDF. You need to ground the signal pin for an active signal (connect a simple switch from the ground pin to the signal pin). The middle pin is obviously the signal input. Com refers to the ground point and you also have +V voltage (which is the power feed to the box but after the power relay). This is useful e.g. if the signal switch is a proximity sensor that needs power feed.

EDIT: was too slow, Kaupoi already covered the question.
A bit confusing by the way when the circuit board has different names from the schematic. Got a bit confused myself.


Got it! Damn! Quick bench test with the pcb and switches + steering sensor. All appears to work as it should. Now to mount it all up :slight_smile: