PCB for a begginer

Hello, as the title says, i need help with a good and simple board that would help me to make my tractor drive itself. I don’t really know what pcb to use. I’m between PCB v2 and a Kaupoi 4.1. Wich one would work better for me? I need a simple solution.
I’m in eastern europe, so i can’t acces components very easy… So help


Hello, please take your time and wait for the upcoming all-in-one ( gps-imu-routing_Teensy4.1) version.
In the simple solution, you won’t have any problems with PCBv2 or Kaupoi, but the new all-in-one version can communicate with a single LAN cable and the processing speed is higher due to Teensy, in short, it achieves the imu and gps fusion thanks to the speed of the processor.

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Hi Whiterose,

Do you have a timeline for the new board version? Thx

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I don’t know because I’m not in the software group, but if you want to do it as soon as possible, I use the Jhmach card, all in one as a single gps, but the card actually works in dual. I will help you if you consider using this card.

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