Pcb panda

I’m building a pcb for panda.
is it possible to replace the k7805m-1000r3 with a k7805-2000r3.
in the support file what is the difference between panda basic gps and panda 2?

If you install them the wrong way your Teensy is done…

Other than that both provide 5V to the board.

Hello i have a Question about the Panda PCB i dont know where to connect the WAS and the Motor Controller
Does anyone have a picture from the finished PCB with WAS and motor controller?

Surely they are on a separate PCB eg V2.

Panda is handling IMU and GPS.

PCB V2 WAS and motor controller.

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Thank you and how are the 2 PCB are connected together?
or there are seperately connected to the PC?
Can i take Kapoui PCB also instead of PCB V2

Both to PC, whether USB or UDP/ethernet.


Kaupoi and PCB v2 work same way

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