Pcb v2 adding panda

I have a pcb v2 with bno 085 rtk base ive been at this for sometime with the help of many people its been a great project but time consuming . I have it all going pretty well but its not really good enough for sowing small seed crops small spacing’s so i guess the next thing is panda or dual antenna so my question is will panda improve my setup? I have read quite a bit but as usual im a bit confused with it all if i go to panda from what i have read all i would need is a teensy 4.1 then join it to the fp9 and add bno is it as simple as that i only use usb will it work with usb help or some advice would be much appreciated thanks chris

If you are sticking with USB, you can join a Teensy4.1, BNO085 and F9P as per the PCB layout without having to use an actual PCB, and that will work. Would work off a breadboard if you wanted. Teensy will power the other 2. I gave a friend a PANDA board with nothing on it except those 3 components, it works fine.

Andyinv thanks for your reply
I think i will give it a try from what i read the panda improves thins quite a bit have you ever used the dual setup?
thanks chris

Not used dual I’m afraid, but my friend whose pcbv2 I added panda to was amazed at the difference, so I’d try that first. Cheaper option :wink:

thanks i will chris

Some of my issues were more getting a good tune on the steer settings so PANDA wouldn’t help that.

The reason for wanting to move to panda or dual is that im not quite happy with the way its going at the moment .I have spent many hours with settings etc and have come to the thought that for the job im doing its not quite there

Panda made tuning much easier, the results were much more repeatable.

Try Panda, you will get better results. You can use it with udp or usb. Get IMU to lowest position in cab that you can install.

There should be more info on dual available. When, why and if its better then panda, summarised on wiki.

There is a Teensy / Panda adapter PCB for the PCB V2. (search for Teensy hat) Plugs right into the Arduino socket. Works for me. Only have some issues with work and steer switch. Had to change the wiring for that.
Other than that Panda ist quite the step up IMO.

I was just going to solder the the Teensy and the fp9 and bno085 together with wires like in the pictures i see here thats all i thought i needed is this correct
thanks chris

You dont need to solder them. Connect them with dupont cables. If you decide to go dual you can easily reuse all components in new pcbs.

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And the ethernet kit!

Hi Radmuffings
Thanks for the picture
so the f9p no longer needs USB it comes out of the Teensy now just anteena on f9p?
Is the Ethernet kit plug needed ? what is the benefit could i not just use USb out of the teensy ? Im thinking it may be something to do with speed?
thank chris

In February teensy ino did not support USB steering, so I went UDP.
I have pcbv2 and a panda system working together on UDP
Yes maybe teensy panda and pcbv2 can do steering on usb today.

Yes, you can use teensy usb as power and use UDP. Or connect usb to tablet.

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Thanks Again
I have ordered a Teensy 4.1 comes in the mail about three days so i am going to give it a go i hope it improves my setup as im so close to having what i want but just cannot seem to get there this maybe the jigsaw piece that i am missing