PCB V2 and DOG2


Finally got around to assembling my first PCB. Question on the DOG2, the ones that I recieved have a 4 pin terminal - is there a wiring diagram for these to tie into the PCB? I was just going to take the connector off. Thanks!

image image
1- white 12 v
2- yellow gnd
3- brown X
4- green Y


I just chopped it off as well.

Dogs is a bit more money - but works very well


Perfect, that’s the one. Thanks heaps.

Where did you mount yours Brian?

very back of the tractor middle of the differential. A spot between the couplers. This put it solid on tractor, also right on the pivot point and low down.

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I’ve just put mine right on the Autosteer box
If I was to do it again I’d probably try to find space inside the box

Just wondering is the cab somehow not a good place to put it?

Oh it is, but the ideal spot is as above

Ahh good because it sounds like a lot of work wiring it all the way down there