Phidget motor part number

Hi! First post. Re phidget motor what’s the model number you guys have? Is the one pictured below acceptable? Thanks.

2500rpm is quite high. Might work though. Try it out if it cannot go slow enough you might have to for a differnt max rmp. The “phidget” motor a lot peoe ar le using has a 588 rpm asax rpm. Part number is 3269_2. But again you motor might work just fine.

What is the stall current of that motor? If too high, you may burn your motor driver at some point.

Hi Johannes and Northern! Thanks for the reply. I am still thinking of buying the motor and no information on stall current. Will do more browsing and hopefully reduce the uncertainties as pointed out by you both by getting the proven 3269 model.

Hi! Checked 3269_2 with the phidget website and apparently its not available anymore and is replaced by 3269_3. According to specs the replacement is 0.8kgcm lower in rated torque (4.4 kg·cm vs 5.1kgcm). Is the 4.4kgcm sufficient for agopengps? Thanks.

depend of your config but generally yes too much powerfull

@rogerix, did you go with the 3269_3? Dose anyone else have any input? is this a good substitue since there is problem finding the 3269_2?
24V/5.1Kg-cm/588RPM 4.25:1 DC Gear Motor

I have the 3269_3 model. It has the exact same specs as the 3269_2, just replaces the old part for some reason. Either one would be fine with AOG.

EDIT: The Phidget motor is more than powerful enough for my tractor but it does not harm at all. AOG adjusts the power and another tractor might need the full power. Specs (stall current etc.) are OK for the typical motor driver.

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