Phidgets motor alternatives

Has anyone got any alternatives to the phidgets motor mentioned in the parts list available in the UK or Europe.

Phidgets Europe dealer

DeerSoft d.o.o.

Industrijska cesta 12A 6310, Izola - Slovenia

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Gimson Robotics have a range of motors in the UK.

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I’ve managed to find it available here. Not sure why it didn’t appear to me sooner

The one I used is now reduced to clear at a very good price.

I used the 13.7:1 12 volt motor and run it at 23v. It has been faultless. I use 23v because I want more speed for headland turns. It is a VERY powerful, well made motor.

I’ve had an electric power steering module off a small Peugeot in my workshop today. They look interesting TBF.

pj 05 did you get your motor from Active robots and did you source a wheel for the motor from them as well or where did you get one from

Yes I did. 3d printed gears for it

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That looks smart
Does the motor free wheel or do you have to Separate the cogs to steer manually

I separate it manually. You will need a brushless motor to do that and as far as I’m aware you’ll also need a separate motor controller

I believe there are 2 ways to freewheel brushed motor. A relay to cut cords, or if using cytron a cytron fix that disengage the brake function.

Oh I see. I don’t think it would be ideal as there is a level of resistance even when the motor is disconnected from the power

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you have this british company can provide a huge line up of motor

you can find it on RS or farnell or other shop

this is what i use today

of course they are coming from Asia

There is a tiny bit more resistance added to the steering, but the seamless engage/disengage is worth it.

Also once Uturn is working, there is not much need to touch the steering wheel at all. The driver is there mostly for loss prevention, refilling, and texting other farmers to see how its going.

On roads the gears can be decoupled in most designs.

Gear type engagement is the most complex thing

i think the compromise is gear to friction type from electric steering

In gear it is more complex to engaged ( noisy ?)
In friction you need to create pressure between both parts it created more torque to rotate in free mode, in too high speed the torque requirement can exceed and slipage can exist (Uturn)

So it means syze of the gear will be the compromise of design to drive the steering

As @PotatoFarmer say need to be remove for road and depend of your field concept that you can easyly automated or not

I m feel prefer more friction mode than gear type but a lot of concept prefer gear, It is hope to you and how you can do and your target .

As advise if 3d printing gear is the most convinient …

do you have the 3d printing gears for the new holland ?>