Pictures don't open in the forum?

When I read people posts, they occasionally include pictures that they uploaded. Why won’t these load for me? Black screen comes up and says the image could not be loaded? I use to be able to see the images!

Unfortunately this problem has been there, since we moved to another server mid summer 2021 (and changed discourse group name). There doesn’t seem to be a quick fix to repair all uploads at one action.
The fix I know of is that the person who uploaded the picture (or file) edit the picture /file and upload it again.
It seems impossible to upload the excact same file again.

Well that explains it! So if someone posts a picture, they should edit the same picture and upload it a 2nd time then?

Yes that how I got it.
But many important drawings is collected here.

Is there no fix for this?

It makes reading threads totally pointless.

Yes, but it is not easy, each user has to re-upload the images.