PID settings for each Tractor

IS it possible to save the PID settings in AOG for each Vehicle? For instance I setup Tractor A with all the dimensions, wheelbase, antenna height etc. Then I set PID values, min, max, was zero, CPD, etc. When I save Tractor A all the inital settings save. Now say I want to move the tablet to Tractor B. I can create a new vehicle with all the dimensions, antenna height, etc. Then I have to redo my PID characteristics due to steering differences, WAS placement etc. Once I go back to Tractor A and load that vehicle all dimensions are obviously repopulated for Tractor A but, Steer settings have to be redone every time I switch. Is there a way to save ALL vehicle settings including PID and other values together under a single vehicle file? I have 2 tablets now but if I have a failure I would like to be able to plug in and go between two AOG systems in separate vehicles. My AOG systems are identical in both tractors. Thanks

Using older Version 5.5 with PCB V2 and steer motor over USB. Single F9P NTRIP RTK no heading or roll. I guess another positive is I could back up my XML files and have the saved PID settings correct if my Arduino failed or I had a tablet failure?


You can save everything about the tractor and transfer the .xml between tablets easily. Fields and AB lines too. From mydocuments/agopengps folder.


If you do not use the same all in one steer box, you will need to recalibrate the WAS and re zero the BNO to suit the box you are using with that tablet.

Or you have to build one all in one steer box per tractor and leave it in the tractor. Then all settings will remain completely the same without having to make any changes regardless of tablet used.

Using drastically faster or slower computer tablets also may have slight change in tuning parameters.

So are all steer settings saved in the xml for each vehicle created ? I thought steer settings were written to the arduino everytime a change was made ex. increase min PWM. Each tractor has its own all in one steer box both identical in parts used including WAS, but both vehicles behave differently so Steering Settings are different between the two. If I save Vehicle A to an xml with its steer settings set to that specific vehicle, then move the tablet to Vehicle B and open Vehicle B xml the steering settings will change ? Are they automatically sent to the Arduino when the new XML is loaded ? Or are they stored locally within the Arduino for each vehicle? I guess I am confused on where the Steer Settings are physically saved to. Thanks for being patient with me.

I think I figured it out Steer Settings are sent to the Arduino every time a new Vehicle file is initially opened.

To change settings in the Arduino or teensy the send to module button must be pressed.

Its in the popout page from steer settings.

If the box moves to each machine with you this must be pressed with each change of tractor.

But all the settings that need to go are in the .xml
Including custom aog colours.

Thank you