Pinout in the Autosteer ESP code?

Hello everyone.
I want to run the AOG_Autosteer_ESP32 version of friend MTZ8203(AOG_Autosteer_ESP32/AOG_Autosteer_ESP32 at master · mtz8302/AOG_Autosteer_ESP32 · GitHub)
, but I have a question about the input and output pins.
uint8_tAutosteer LED_PIN = 19
means the physical pin of the ESP32 module or some other ???
I plan to use
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Thank you in advance for your answer

here’s a snippet of code

// IO pins --------------------------------

// set to 255 for unused !!!!!
uint8_t SDA = 32;//21		        //I2C Pins
uint8_t SCL = 15;//22

uint8_t AutosteerLED_PIN = 19;    //light on active autosteer
uint8_t LEDWiFi_PIN = 18;         //light on WiFi connected, flashes on searching Network
uint8_t LEDWiFi_ON_Level = HIGH;	//HIGH = LED on high, LOW = LED on low

uint8_t Relay1_PIN = 255;
uint8_t Relay2_PIN = 255;
uint8_t Relays_ON = HIGH;		      //HIGH = Relay on high, LOW = Relay on low

uint8_t W_A_S = 255;              //PIN for Wheel Angle Sensor (none, if ADS used)
uint8_t WORKSW_PIN = 39;          //PIN for workswitch (can be analog or on/off switch see WorkSW_mode)
uint8_t STEERSW_PIN = 5;          //Pin for steer button or switch (see SteerSwitch)
uint8_t REMOTE_PIN = 255;		  //PIN for AOG autosteer ON/OFF
uint8_t encA_PIN = 255;           //Pin for steer encoder, to turn off autosteer if steering wheel is used
uint8_t encB_PIN = 255;           //Pin for steer encoder, to turn off autosteer if steering wheel is used

uint8_t PWM_PIN = 17;             //PWM Output to motor controller (IBT2 or cytron)
uint8_t DIR_PIN = 16;             //direction output to motor controller (IBT2 or cytron)

The code with the pin assignments are physical pins, means that pin 19 on the esp can be connected to an LED, that will turn on if autosteer is on.

Sorry for answering that late, but I do if someone else has the same question.

The pin numbers in the code are the gpio numbers of the esp32. There are many different PCB s using the ESP32, so it is not possible to give a general answer which physical pin is which gpio number. You have to look at the schematic of you esp32 board