Planter electric drive

My current planter is driven by two hydraulic motors. Would it be possible to replace the hydraulic motors with electric motors and control them like the steering from agopengps?

Little more detail. I don’t mean variable rate control or anything like that, just one population at a time and motor varies with speed to keep the rate the same across the field.

Chances are there is already a PWM signal going to the hydraulic valve to control the flow to the motors., wouldn’t be impossible to feed this into an electric motor controller and get it working using electric motors instead of hydraulic. Probably no need to use AOG

Yes, not planning to use any of the hydraulic parts. Hoping agopengps could tell electric motor what to do.

You’d need a pretty big electric motor to replace hydraulic in this application. Your hydraulic motor is probably controlled with PWM using a speed sensor to close the loop. You’d need the same thing with the electric motor. A PID loop. You’re probably better off trying to drive the hydraulic motors with PWM at the valve instead of using electric motors. Control would be the same. a PID loop adjusting PWM according to the measured speed.

AoG doesn’t have any rate output itself. You have to use one of the the spinoff rate control projects.
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I’m driving a 16 row drill with a 180w motor very comfortably. 36 RPM worked out to be as fast as I could ever need to spin the shaft to suit my planting speed.
There’s a few spin off rate controllers for AOG but really if you already have a controller then that’s the way I’d be going. The same signal and PID loop will work for electric.

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What motor and controller are you using if you don’t mind me asking?

Driving it with a 13 amp cytron motor driver, but about to upgrade to the 20 amp cytron and a 250 watt motor, not because I need the power but because it’s a neater looking setup with a better gearbox

Excuse the Aussie links, I’m sure there’s a similar alternate where you are from


What are you using to control it?

Arduino and a small HMI, still bench testing the code at this stage. May go to an App down the track