Planter Monitor -

Sorry you couldn’t get hold of me quickly. I don’t check the forum often. I have built a PCB for a 16 row planter using UDP. Other connections with USB are possible. Yes, you can watch my video on YouTube. Search “AgOpenGPS planter monitor”. Try contacting me at I’d like to talk to the development group about where to go from here. Should this be added to a base release? Integrated into each AOG release in a separate Github? Is it desirable?


Maybe @admins could help

would love to have your planter monitor in AOG ! wanted to add a monitor to an old planter since years and this would be the perfect place to start from

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I haven’t heard from anyone on the AOG team as to whether there is a desire to integrate this into the project or not. I will work on a way to deploy it in the next month or so. Maybe a separate GITHUB entry? The challenge would be to stay up with AOG releases.



I think as long as it’s integrated with the stable releases they would be great!

Would love your planter monitor with AOG as well! Would it be able to map the population as well? Thank you for your efforts!

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Population, variety, planting date with geo-references would be desirable but not there yet.

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