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I found a website of a guy doing planter monitoring and other stuff through an arduino. I figured I would link it here for others to explore and perhaps get some minds rolling for possible feature to add in the future.


We’ve been emailing and want to combine some of these two projects


Awesome, after I posted this I found a powerpoint that he put together and it mentioned AOG, so I figured you had talked or were at least aware of each other. I hope something can be worked out to help both sides!

I agree. Would be a great addition! I wish I knew how to code like you guys. I know you have your plates full. Keep up the great work.

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I’m planning to work on building a planter monitor for AOG next winter (2021). Check out the basic monitor on the webpage and add suggestions. See You can download a demo. I just added metric capabilities. I have an “advanced” version that captures data for mapping and a personal version that allows monitoring a planter with varying population by row. I will be intercropping corn and beans with my 12 row…


What are you using for a soil moisture probe? TDR style?

From Amazon, sensors like this. They are subject to corrosion if powered continuously so I turn power on to them just before taking a reading.

ARCELI 5pcs Soil Hygrometer Moisture Detection Water Sensor Module YL-69 Sensor and HC-38 Module

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I’ve downloaded AgOpenGPS source. Installed Visual Studio. Tried to do Build. Get error: Couldn’t process file Forms\FormGPS.resx due to its being in the Internet or Restricted zone or having the mark of the web on the file. Remove the mark of the web if you want to process this file.

I’ve researched this. When I look at properties of the folders, they are read-only. I change this, Apply, and exit. But when I go back, the folder is still set to read only. I am an administrator and have full rights. Any suggestions?

Does this feature planned for integration in AOG?

I just found that out farming website and am super curious about this project.
Have you had any luck getting your planter monitor to work?

Haven’t worked on it for a while. Too busy making Android monitors for farmers…will try to get back to it this spring. I’ve designed it. Learning to code in C for Windows will take some time. Jim

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I was wondering whether somebody was doing something like this today as I was planting. I was wondering how hard it would be to use electric motors for the drive units to manage population and with section control. It is way out of my league right now but was wondering what it would take.

I have a 12 row planter with electric drives. I tried doing an upgrade this spring to add down force. After three weeks of frustration, I returned it all and bought parts to do my own system…but got the previous version to do intercropping - 3 rows beans, 6 rows corn with variable rate from outside rows to inside, and 3 more rows of beans…so 6 rows of each across 60 acres. Next winter I will play with developing a system to drive the motors. I already built a PWM motor controller so I bought enough hardware to do the whole planter. Spring work has slowed down and I should have time to work on a planter monitor for AOG.


Hi Jim
What electric drives did you put in? do you have any info on them? also what are you currently using to control the population? I was going to add section control to my planter with drive clutches but electric drives would be another option.

I bought a set of used Graham Electric Planter motors and am running it with their Command Lite app. I had problems getting their Command Pro hooked to my GPS antennas (and a Trimble and two GPS speed pucks). I think I have ben the only one they have had much trouble with. So I don’t want to discourage others from trying their equipment. I had wanted to use their down force system and try it on one row this spring. I like the technology for their down force.

I have looked at a gear motor on Amazon for a couple of years that looks like it could be promising.

@jkpoyzer Did the Graham electric drives work well for you? I’m thinking of looking in to them more with a local dealer.

I like them well enough. The Command Lite wound up doing what I wanted …I intercropped 60 acres, 6 rows corn, 6 beans, 6 corn, etc. I planted beans on the outside 3 rows of my 12 row, corn on inside, varying corn population by row. When I converted to the motor drives I didn’t get the motors centered quite perfect on some rows and the drives would jam and blow a fuse on that row.

I used a GPS puck from Graham to get speed.

I tried to contact outfarming to no avail, i saw he posted a video in YouTube of the AOG integration, it seems very good, but can’t contact him and he won’t answer in youtube

That’s odd. I use Jim’s planter monitor and he’s always been good to respond. Have you had any luck since?

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