Polish distributor of Raven hydraulic valves - NAVISKLEP.PL

We are pleased to announce that our navisklep.pl has become a distributor of RAVEN hydraulic valves.

What are the benefits of this for you?

  • The blocks have road approval
  • CE certificate
  • 24-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Immediate shipping and availability without waiting

The valve will soon appear in our online store! Price list :

  • LS hydraulic block - PLN 5,500 net
  • Hydraulic block with OC attachment - PLN 7,800 net

The valvess have a flow capacity of 15 liters (they are enough for most tractors and agricultural machines, and the actual demand of the machine is lower)

Let me know what you think about them :grin:

Part of the profits from the sale of navisklep.pl is allocated to support the Agopengps project.

Please contact me or go to navisklep.pl :smiley:


Working pressure
180 bars
Maximum pressure
210 bars
Maximum flow
15 l/min.
Recommended hydraulic oil
Recommended oil purity class
ISO 4406 or better
Oil temperature range

Ambient temperature range
Rated voltage
12V DC ± 10%

Resistance class
Duty cycle
100% ED
Seal material
Protective coating
Internal threads: P,T,A,A1,B,B1
BSP 3/8
Internal threads: LS, pressure sensor
BSP 1/4
Connections (included): P,T,A,A1,B,B1
Connections (included): LS
A pressure sensor
ARGO HYTOS PSCG-1-250M-1 or GEMS 3200B0250S05E000
Output signal
current 4 - 20 mA
Sensor connection
4-pin M12x1 aviation connector
Measurement range
0 - 250 bars
Margin of error
Sensor operating temperature
Sensor supply voltage
8-30V DC
Hydraulic proportional valve
ARGO HYTOS PRM2-063Y11/15-12E1K1-A
Hydraulic shut-off valve
ARGO HYTOS RPE3-062R31/01200E1/A

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