Port com

When I connect. The ardusimple f9p has the Chuwi h10x tablet I wait for the beep beep but I do not see. No com port in device manager
On the other hand on another pc it is well recognized

can be a windows update trouble
check this topic for example :

thanks for the help
now new problem agio started? I do not understand

I have seen that question from AOG as well “Agio started?”

That happens when AOG can´t figure out your COM port selections.

So reopen Agio and connect to the correct COM ports, both for F9P and steer-module.

You might end up, having to shut down AOG and Agio via windows job-list if/when you choose wrong COM ports

EDIT: what port-speed do you use? try another speed (57600 or 115200)

after multiple tests everything works

thank you

a question: in agio the speed is 115200
what is the speed in the device manager (poert parameter)

To be honest I have nerver checked. But I suppose it would be best to set them at same speed.