Possibility to use standard steering system parts

My tractor has a steering system installed. I want to install AgOpenGps on may tractor because I need a function that the standard steering system does not have. Can I control the steering using the components already installed in series via isobus? so I don’t need a new steering wheel motor. Is it also possible to control the speed or the cruise control with AGopenGPS via isobus? My tractor is a Fendt 724.

The Topcon AGI-4 can be used as an ISOBUS device and it works on a Fendt (SCR series at least) via a virtual terminal. Meaning autosteer should be controllable via ISOBUS but I doubt it is possible for AOG.

Anyway while waiting for proper replies from experts, would you mind telling us which features you want that AggOpenGPS supports but the OEM setup does not?

Please also elaborate on the speed control. Do you need some type of speed control based on a map, like rate control? Otherwise I cannot see why one would prefer to press a button on a computer screen rather than the tractor joystick.

To test the machines, I have to drive the tractor over a track that has been recorded once in a continuous loop. With a do while loop,i could set it to repeat until i press escape or a button or other.
In order to map different test cases, it would be good if the speed would automatically change after programming on different sections of the route.