Power supply of Ardusimple simpleRTK2Blite

Hello everyone

I’m new on this forum and I have 1 question about power supply for Ardusimple simpleRTK2Blite (for tractor) :

The USB connection is enough to power the GPS receiver ?
Because I saw some GPS receiver with Bluetooth module and accu

Also, what is the function of this Bluetooth module ?


Do you really need bluetooth if you have USB ? Or Do you really need USB if you have bluetooth ?!
I think Usb is powerful enough .

the simpleRTK2B will do the same job I think if you don’t need a super compact board.

The USB cable is enough to power the board and probably the easiest way.

The Bluetooth module is not needed for AGopenGPS.
I use a SimpleRTK2B whit this Bluetooth module to receive RTK signal for OpenGrade.

OpenGrade have no Ntrip stuff built-in for RTK correction so it’s my phone that send the Ntrip data to the simpleRKT2B board via bluetooth.


Thanks to all !!
I have my answer, I will do with the XBee to USB adapter that is on the starter kit
Normally it’s enough

I will come back to you after tests


Hi Pat,

I just understand that you use Bluetooth module to receive RTK signal
But me with only USB connection, I can receive RTK signal too ?


For AGopenGps you can have RTK correction with only The SimpleRTK2B or SimpleRTK2Blite, this have to be done over internet (ntrip) trough AGopenGPS.
This is how I use it for AGopenGPS.
I use the bluetooth module only for opengrade. (no NTRIP stuff built in)

You also can receive RTK correction over radio with the appropriate module but I never closely look at it.

Hi all,
Regarding this F9P module, I supply it with usb and that is enough. on the other hand, be sure to set the baudrates to 115200 in windows (device manager, right click on the com port). Indeed, if you do not do it the speed can be too important and saturate the com port. This will cut your antenna in the field. sorry for my poor English