Powering the Ardusimple simpleRTK2B board

Just wondering, does anyone know if it is fine to power this receiver via the 5v in then cut the 5v line in it’s USB cable?

This would reduce USB power load considerably.

simple use the arduino pins at the board to power it.

Yes. That is what I’m thinking. My worry was the 5v line on the USB also being connected, and whether USB communication would be affected by removing this connection.

I’m pretty sure it should work but just don’t want to take chances with the most expensive component in my system.

Shouldn’t be a problem suppying power to the 5v in pin and also plugging into USB without modifying the cable. I’ve done it many times. I have no idea how much power gets pulled from where (how it balances the current). But it’s not going to burn up anything.

Can you power the ardusimple from 5v out on the pcbv2. I assume you can, but have a funny feeling I’ve read somewhere that it’s not a good idea.

Ardusimple website states all four power sources may be hooked up at the same time without any harm.

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