Prebuilt PCB UK

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere I could buy a prebuilt working PCB in the UK? I’d also be looking to buy a wiring harness to work with the phidgets motor.

Thank you.

@TeddyStamford might be able to help you out

I have some spare PCB’s and potentially enclosures also (PCB v4.2)

I’m brand new to this and have no electronic knowledge. How ever I do want to you agopengps. Is there a place that u can purchase plug and play pcb antenna was and wheel motors?

If you don’t want to solder and have plug and play, please visit our store
We have everything you need to assemble your own agopengps set.
All you need to do is plug in and program the Teensy and F9P. We offer universal sprockets and other necessary things.

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