Premade wiring harness

I realized that the bigger the community is it might make sense to look if we could get some premade wiring harnesses in china.
I’ve seen a wiring harness made by RTKAgri ( Redirecting... )

I tried to make a wiring diagram that I think would fit my needs + exposed all the cables so it’s relatively simple to connect.

I’m curious if these lengths / wire sizes are adequate? (I don’t want to use less than 0.5mm2 but I believe 1mm2 should be decent even for 12V motors that sometimes pop the 7.5A fuse)
Lock valves of baraki take somewhere between 4-6A depending on the size.

Main input I propose 2.5mm2 as some guys like to add tablet charger after the main switch which can also use 10A by itself so better oversize it.

I prefer to use a relay on the lock line for extra safety.

files with greater details are also attached: (451.2 KB)

I generated the drawings via: GitHub - wireviz/WireViz: Easily document cables and wiring harnesses.

Do let me know if this makes sense then I’ll try to get some quotes.


Personally I like to keep the wires short on the main harness and then if I need extra length I add it to the other lines. IMHO it makes it easier for a clean install.

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I had a Trimble CFX750 and EZ Pilot prior to switching to AgOpenGPS, the wiring harness that comes as standard with them was very bulky and very hard to hide behind the panels, it was a one size fits all, which is a compromise.

Plus some like everything well hidden and will happily route it twice around the tractor to achieve this, others happy for the shortest route to keep cable size sensible.

I use 1.5mm for power into Ampseal on pins 18, 22 and 23, 1mm for pretty much everything else.


@BGunics Any update on this? I would buy if they were available. Would cut the time of Building a system big time for me.

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I would too!