Printing service for AOG community (western Europe)

Hello everyone,

If there is anyone looking to get some parts printed in the western Europe area I would like to help you out by making my printer available for other for other AOG farmers around me (at an affordable price).

I have a customised version of a RatRig Vcore3.

  • Build volume 500x500x500mm
  • Direct extrusion
  • Materials:
    • PLA (Grey, Blue)
    • PETG
      • Full colour (Grey, Blue, Red, White, Black, Gold)
      • Semi transparant (Natural, Yellow , Green)
    • ABS (Grey)
    • TPE (Blue)
    • Nylon 6/66

Other colours or materials on request.

If you want to know the price/have somthing printed, send met the STL/STEP/… files of the parts you want. ( I ask this to prevent any miscommunications in the different versions/configurations there are in e.g. the housing)

If you have any questions, just send me a message


I have send a pm

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Some parts being printed.

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