Problem to install AgOpenGPS for WIN11

I have problem to get installed AgOpenGPS software to Win11.
After unpacking AgOpenGPS.exe doesn´t start installing…?

Double click on the .exe and the program should run. There is no install.exe installation like other programs might have.

You can just move the whole folder wherever and put a desktop shortcut to the .exe. Make sure that the folder has full permissions or configs won’t load properly.

Thanks about answer but thats just what I have tried. AgIo.exe from same folder runs soothly but AgOpenGPS not. I am using latest version.

Just an idea, as somone had problems with screens percentage. Set screen to 100 %
Windows setting

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Nicd tip! Now everything is OK.
It might be long way to get tractor to steer itself if this was the first problem…
Not the first day with computers but honestly first time this kind of solution…

Welcome to the forum. Just ask and someone will probably know.

I hope you soon can say “Now everything is OK” to the autosteer of tractor.
It is much more stable now with the AIO pcb (one of them) compared to the old days where we used a NANO with wires soldered direct to it, but that is only 4 years ago.
I bet all the info is here somewhere, but sometimes hard to find, even with a search with the magnifying glass at top right :slight_smile:
Also check the videos at the icon up there too.

What was the solution?

“Set screen to 100 %
Windows setting”