Problem with divide by zero error

I am setting up a small garlic planter with GPS guidance. I have AO installed on my laptop with a GPS antenna and WISCORS correction. This setup looks like it will work for what I need to get started. As I was making some adjustments in AO I now get an error when trying to set the A-B line. I am not sure what setting I may have changed to get this. It is an “Unhandled Exception” error. Divide by zero error. I have tried changing the settings I made, but unable to correct the error. When the error pops up my field goes to a blank white screen with a red X in the middle of it. I did try setting up a new field and that did not help. If I turn off the on-screen light bar I do not get the error message. I do need the on-screen light bar until I get an actual light bar.

If it only comes up when you enable the light bar, I’d look here in first instance:

If that’s zero…

That was one of the first places I looked at. I am set at 1 inch per pixel and the line length is 656 ft.

Have you changed from Metric to US dimensions part way through building the vehicle configuration? That has happened to me. I always start the config over, first thing I do is change between US/Metric, save config, and then I can change away without further errors.

im randomly getting the unhandled exemtion error on loading fields or deleting a boundary to recreate it

Two options:

Zip up the folder in Documents\AgOpenGPS and send me a copy?

Or download this:

Extract the zip file contents and do something like this :

C:\folderyouextracteditto> procdump -e -x c:\dumps c:\temp\aog\agopengps.exe

ProcDump v11.0 - Sysinternals process dump utility
Copyright (C) 2009-2022 Mark Russinovich and Andrew Richards
Sysinternals -

Process:               AgOpenGPS.exe (24544)
CPU threshold:         n/a
Performance counter:   n/a
Commit threshold:      n/a
Threshold seconds:     n/a
Hung window check:     Disabled
Log debug strings:     Disabled
Exception monitor:     Unhandled
Exception filter:      [Includes]
Terminate monitor:     Disabled
Cloning type:          Disabled
Concurrent limit:      n/a
Avoid outage:          n/a
Number of dumps:       1
Dump folder:           c:\dumps\
Dump filename/mask:    PROCESSNAME_YYMMDD_HHMMSS
Queue to WER:          Disabled
Kill after dump:       Disabled

Press Ctrl-C to end monitoring without terminating the process.

[12:37:26] Exception: 04242420
[12:37:27] Exception: E0434352.CLR
[12:37:27] Exception: E0434352.CLR
[12:37:27] Exception: E0434352.CLR
[12:37:27] Exception: E0434352.CLR
[12:37:27] Unhandled: E0434352.CLR
[12:37:27] Dump 1 initiated: c:\dumps\AgOpenGPS.exe_230926_123727.dmp
[12:37:27] Dump 1 complete: 10 MB written in 0.2 seconds
[12:37:27] Dump count reached.

It should start AOG and when it dies, it’ll write a dump file. If you can get that dump file to me, I can take a look. Or perhaps we could do a remote session tonight?

I found the reset button in the main menu. Once I reset the software it now works. Thank you all for your help.