Problem with my AB line

Hi, I have managed to get my RTK base set up and casting to rtk2go I’m called Highgate. I use NTRIP to get the fix.

I’m using the system as a lightbar to keep me right when spreading fertiliser on grassland stubble

However I noticed if I follow every single ab line I have 2 tracks that are really close and 1 that is far apart.

I spread a field manually with the system painting my course and you can see from the picture I actually skip an ab line what could be causing this to happen?


Apparently you have no RTK correction (single gps written at the top of your screen)
this is what explains the deviation from the guidance

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Hi clod

I was trying it for a few minutes without the rtk connection to see if it would make a difference but it’s the same problem either way

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Your gps is set to 1hz. You should set it to at least 5hz.

Thank you I will try changing the hz setting hopefully this will sort the issue

These shifts are too regular to result from positioning quality. You probably have the antenna or tool offset set.