Problems U-Turn

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’m running some tests with the AgOpenGPS simulator but I’m encountering some issues regarding the U-TURN.

Can someone help me understand why this is happening? suddenly, with the curve already determined, the simulator abandons the curve and continues straight on line AB beyond the established boundaries.

What could I do to work around this issue?

the moment when the tractor does not turn is shown in the video linked below

I think you to close to the boundry try doing the uturn like 4 meters from the boudry

How can I change this distance to the start of the u-turn? my headland is 6 meters from the boundary

Try altering the u turn settings but i think it needs 8m to do u turn in the default setting

if you go to settings you will see a uturn arrow then there is settings

Uturn will shut off if you get too far offline. It would seem as if the tractor can’t follow the line turn, so it resets the uturn.

Definitely a rather odd line.

And when it resets at that time, it have got too close to the U-turn start “legs” (have passed the U-turn start at the time the new U-turn is calculated) and U-turn must stop.

Distance from line mathematically makes perfect sense but in practice is a bit goofy to think about in the tractor seat. Its half your implement plus how safely far away from the boundary you want to be. Usually just enter the full implement width. If its the first Uturn test give lots of extra space for the first few times, you can always shave a few meters off later.

The Uturn radius will always be bigger than your tractors turn radius, usually well over double the implement width.