Problems with AOG and Dual Receivers

I was trying out the Autosteer_gps_teensy_v4_1 code with two F9P receivers today and ran into two problems;

1 - The system would not detect forward properly. It always thought I was moving in reverse. I tapped the tractor icon and drove forward but it still thinks I am moving backwards.
2 - The tractor icon was always pointing to the top of the screen. The line made by turning on the section followed the contour line but tractor icon was always pointing up.

I tried turning “Dual As IMU” off but it made no difference. The system had an RTK fix the entire time. Not sure where to start troubleshooting.

Are you sure that right is right and left is left?

I switched the antenna connections and there was no change.

Didn’t define the field in the simulator, did you?

The field is defined and open. I am using this live in the tractor not the simulator. I put a debug statement (Serial.println) in the code right after line 616 “if (SerialGPS2->available())” to see if the data is actually coming out of the relpos f9p. It does not look like data is coming from the F9P. The F9P is on 1.32 firmware and I am using the relpos configuration. I checked in u-center and the F9P is configured to send the relpos messages on UART 2.

I found the issue. I missed soldering the pins for the side of the GPS that had the serial port! Doh!