Purpose of the rover config?

messing around with the rtk2b today and when i upload the rover config i cannot get rtk fix.
but when i revert back to the standard config that it ships with i can get an rtk fix, and AOG seems to function fine on the standard config. So this has left me with the question, why the need to change the config at all, as it looks as if it works better out of the box? is the config only needed if used with pcb? thanks

Are you referring to the standard configuration for products coming from Ardusimple or some other source? There are many default configurations. Ardusimple at least used to have 1 Hz position update rate and many messages flooding the interface.

Which rover configuration are you actually referring to, the one from here or the one Ardusimple has on their website (was it u-blox web)? Either one should be fine if your NTRIP corrections are OK.

Yes it came directly from ardusimple, the basic starter kit.
I loaded the ortner config from here and took it outside and could only get float.
Then from u center I went back into message view, ubx->cfg->cfg-> reload default config.
Whether this default config is from ardusimple or u-blox I have no idea but I noticed it worked ok with AOG, and when I took it outside again I got an rtk fix after a few seconds.

The base Iā€™m using is approx only 11km away via rtk2go

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