Question for Brian on Lat and Long

Is there a function in AOG to convert from point coordinates (northing, easting) to latitude and longitude? I know going to northing and easting is bad complicated but was wondering if there was a reverse.

There is in Position.cs called public void UTMToLatLon(double X, double Y)

Be sure to add the utm offsets back with the easting (X) and northing (Y).

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Now it just a matter of coding and what you want in google earth. Thanks Brian, I knew it had to be there and knew the math was terrible. It was minimized in the code and I never saw it.



total field.kml.txt (19.7 KB)

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KentStuff -

Very cool. I’ve love to be able to get the overlay’s you show. I have some landlords that is would help with to be able to show how their fields are shrinking due to treeline encroachment and the wet spots growing bigger. Cool work!

Works really well in the background and saves on exit. You never know it’s running. Only trouble so far is that it only saves new tracks. If you return to the field it erases the last file. Can be fixed pretty easy with a date-time stamp file name. File is just saved in the field folder. Just go to the file and open it in Google earth. Opening on android takes another app.

With it being a kml file it can be loaded into a lot of mapping software.