Questions about using agopengps software

So this was our second partial day planting with RTK level GPS and we’re learning a lot fast but still have some points of confusion. In one field there are several small fields divided by hay strips, roads, and other obstacles that make it far easier to plant each small piece individually. At first I thought I wanted to start each one with a boundary, but when I did this and moved to the next small piece in what I view as the same field and made another boundary, my automatic sections refused to work. They still turned green at the bottem when the work switch was activated but would not paint. Am I misunderstanding something about this function? Should I not have done a boundary?

The other issue we had was when using contour, which seems like the best option for how we plant, by the third outside pass we were tired of seeing some of the errors and little turns one does on the outside pass to avoid a border tree or electric pole. When steering manually we just kind of smooth those things out and they disappear, but this autosteer is too precise and they are all still there. Is there a function to just kind of average these things out over a giant radius? EDIT: the answer to this is pure pursuit. I watched the video but there was math, in practice though it did way better for me on contours.

Oh yes, most importantly and despite my little issues which are probably mostly caused by user error on my part, what you guys have created here is simply amazing. There are some really amazing, unbelievablysmart, generous, people here.

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So your first question, I think AOG always assumed the first boundary is the “Main”. Then the rest are labeled “Inner 1”," Inner 2",etc. So it thinks the others are inner boundaries that for some reason you want skipped. So it shuts off auto section control, because you’re outside the main boundary, and subtracts the acreage off your other boundaries. So you’ll either have to create new “fields” for each, or create one big field, and draw inner boundaries around the obstacles

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That makes sense I suppose, just a different way of interpreting the term boundary than I first assumed.

I have a simple single section control set up for planting beans and it keeps turning off when I disengage autosteer with the switch. Which setting do I have wrong now?

Edit: found it, the steer switch in the impliment settings was selected, hence, upon disabling steering, auto sections turned off.

Is anyone using agopengps for cutting golf fairways. Most cutting at our golf course is mainly done length ways. The preferred way is to cut diagonally across the fairway. Downside is more labour-intensive requiring extra skill.
I think it could be done similar to farmers working small acreage paddocks. The setup of a boundary, headlands for the edge and internal boundaries for bunkers etc.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.