Questions on power regulators (PCB V2)

Hey !

I’m slowly building my first system which will be composed of one PCB V2 + one panda PCB. (goal: autosteer in a deutz M620 and Valtra T120). I want directly to UDP instead of USB for stability.

I’m struggling a bit about the DC/DC regulators and the right way to connect them ( I saw on topics about the panda PCB that a bad pinout might kill the F9P + the Teensy + the BNO ; given the price of electronics I’d prefer to avoid that hahaha).

For my PCB V2, the partslist indicated VX7805-1000. As for me, I ordered and used MP-K7805-1000R3 regulators.

Here are the 2 data sheets for both regulators :

Apart from this, can someone indicates me how to check on the multimeter if the connection is right ? I assume that the regulators work like a diode, voltage can go only in one direction, so by checking continuity betwwen the right pins, i should find if it’s good, but I’m lost .

This is the way I soldered it on my PCB V2 :

Thanks for your help in advance! Electronics is not my forte but I’m trying haha

PS : I’m not talking here about the panda PCB, I still haven’t received some parts.

PS2 : Here’s what my PCB looks like right now, I don’t think I made mistakes but can someone confirm me that ?

Always check the voltage on the socket of expensive components. Make sure the power supply voltage and polarity are correct. Also, check the other pins to make sure you don’t have voltage where it is not expected.

The left pin on the pcb’s IC2 / IC3 footprint (7805) is +12VIN, was marked with o and should alligned with 7805 Front view mark o.

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